What Is The Major Causes Behind Pet Cancer?

A lot of studies have been done on the causes and the spread of cancer in the last century. The treatment methods have also improved considerably. In comparison to human cancer, much less is known about Animal Cancer as not much of research has been done on the subject. Off late, more focus has been given to the cancer of animals. These are mostly based on the knowledge of human cancer. There are many factors which influence the development of cancer. The factors are more or less similar to those of the humans.

Hereditary and genetic factors

Just like that of human beings, it has been noticed that genetic factors play a major role in the development of cancer in pets. Dogs of certain breeds are susceptible to cancer more than that of others. It is a clear indication that the genetic characteristics play a key role in the development of cancer among animals. The increase in the risk of cancer is due to a particular gene or a combination of a few genes. The knowledge about the genetic issues causing Pet Cancer is limited. More of studies are being conducted. It is expected that better treatment methods will be discovered in the coming days.

Hazards present in the environment

Pet cancer is often seen to be formed due to multiple hazards present in the environment. There is a high probability that the pets ate affected by the same factors. These pets stay in the same environment as that of their owners. They get similar kind of exposure to the hazards that affect the humans. Too much of exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun may also cause cancer among the animals. Carcinogens such as air pollutants, pesticides and the smog are contributing factors. Tobacco smoke as a result of the presence of smokers in the house can also be a reason for developing cancer. The susceptibility of animals to the carcinogens differs from species to species.

Age also plays a major role

It has been seen that older animals are affected by cancer. Though the exact cause is not known, it is believed that with advancing age, an animal’s immunity power decreases. In animal cancer,cells which get mutated become out of control for the body. This leads to the cancerous growth of cells. Also, as an animal lives longer, it is exposed to the carcinogens more and the chances of developing cancer increase.

Other causal factors of cancer

There are some viruses that cause cancers among pets. Cats are often affected by a leukemia virus. Oral cancer happens in younger dogs which are the cause of attack by a virus. There are some genital cancers that are transferred through intercourse. If any large injuries take place on the bodies, there are chances of the development of cancer. The body portion of the pets where vaccination is given is also susceptible to tumorous growths. To read more Click Here