Learn About Dog Breeds That Have Highest Rate of Dog Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease both in human beings and pets like dogs. It can strike a dog of any age and breed; but some breeds are found to be at a higher risk of cancer. As per the revelation from expert vets, even the strongest dog breed is at a risk of suffering from canine or dog cancer. Although in many cases, the dogs suffering from cancer can be treated if diagnosed on time. Yet some breeds need extra care for proper treatment and healing. Learn more about the dog breeds with the highest rate of Dog Cancer.

1.    German shepherd: The number one dog breed that is at a major risk of Dog Cancer is none other than the very intelligent German shepherd. These dogs are often used in police investigations and are considered as man’s best companion. Sad part is that they are at a high risk of Hematological Cancer.

2.    Labrador retriever: Second dog breed that is known to be at a high risk of Dog Cancer is the very common Labrador retriever breed. Counted among st the most loyal and friendly dog breeds, Labrador retriever usually show signs like chronic weight loss or weight gain when they suffer from cancer.

3.    Bouncier Des Flanders: Another dog breed that has one of the highest rate of cancer is the Bouncier Des Flanders. These fearless and farm friendly dogs are prone to many diseases like canine hip dyspepsia, heart diseases, glaucoma and elbow dyspepsia.

4.    Rottweiler: While discussing dog breeds with higher rate of cancer; one can’t ignore mentioning Rottweiler; one of the otherwise most powerful dog breeds. These dogs however; are prone of bone cancer and must be kept in constant physical training to reduce the risk of cancer.

5.    Bic hon Rise: Considered as one of the cutest and smallest dog breeds, Bic hon Rise is known to be most prone to liver diseases, patellae luxuriation and allergies. This cute dog breed is also susceptible to cancer but they have more chances to get a cure if the cancer is diagnosed on time.

6.    Great Dane: Quite large in size, Great Dane dog breeds are known for their superb hunting skills but again the sad part is that they are prone to a number of health problems like Osteoarthritis, Gastric Torsion and Cardiomyopathy apart from a number of other cancers.

7.    Bernese mountain dog: The Bernese Mountain Dogs are found to be at a major risk of cancer. It is very essential to keep these dogs under moderate exercising routine for a fit life without any cancer. They are unfortunately diagnosed with canine hip dyspepsia, elbow dyspepsia and gastric torsion health problems mostly at the age between 6 to 9 years.

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