Treating The Most Deadly Form of Animal Cancer Or Hemangiosarcoma

Hemangiosarcoma is a type of Animal cancer that occurs in dogs and results when mutation takes place in the endothelial cells that are present as linings of the blood vessels. In most cases, the cancer attacks the spleen, skin and the right atrium of the heart and it occurs in the form of a tumor. This disease is commonly seen in dogs that are older and although it can be present in any breed of dog, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, German Shepherds and Labradors are more prone to the attack of this disease. When the tumor grows, the endothelial cells begin to divide rapidly and the growth of this tumor is abnormal in dogs.

Diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma

In a majority of dogs, the tumor is fragile and when it grows beyond the normal size or dimension, bleeding occurs. However, if bleeding occurs when the size of the tumor is still small, the symptoms are likely to be absent in dogs and it is easy for the doctors to repair the vessels that are affected with this cancer. On the other hand, when the tumor grows uncontrollably, most dogs experience severe internal blood loss and in a majority of cases dog owners might not even know that the pet is affected with Animal cancer. The statistics involving the diagnosis of this disease is not very clear and although reports suggest that surgery is the only treatment for this disease, it does not lead to permanent cure.

Signs of the cancer

When this Animal cancer attacks the internal organs of the dogs, the symptoms that come to notice includes weakness, loss of weight and appetite and difficulty in breathing with the slightest exertion. For tumors that are present on the spleen and are extremely large, the dog may collapse when the tumor ruptures. The investigation methods include CT scan, Ultrasound and x-ray that help the doctors to conform the stage of the disease. While most people consider the symptoms of hemangiosarcoma as simple signs of aging, a thorough investigation is required to carry out treatment.

Treatment of hemangiosarcoma

Although there are treatments available for this Animal cancer, cure is unlikely as the disease develops through the initial phase to the later stages. The symptoms of this disease are different in these stages and it likely to remain unnoticed in most cases as the tumor attacks the internal organs. For the treatment of this disease, doctors recommend surgery during the initial stage to stop bleeding although it might not guarantee metastasis. In addition to this, chemotherapy is used along with surgery to prevent spreading this disease.

Things to remember

In a majority of cases, when dogs suffer from hemangiosarcoma, the disease progresses even when chemotherapy is carried out regularly and masses of cells are created inside the body of the dogs. When hemorrhage occurs from the site of cancer, dogs experience weakness and when bleeding becomes uncontrollable, the dog may eventually collapse for which immediate medical attention is required. When dogs suffer from hemangiosarcoma, the owners must have a clear discussion with the doctor for proper treatment from the time of diagnosis. Visit Here: Angel Care Cancer Center