FAQs About Dog Cancer

If you are very fond of your pet dog, then hearing that your dog is suffering from dog cancer could be the biggest trauma for you. Not just human beings, even dogs and other pets are not untouched by a deadly disease like cancer. According to the reports of National Canine Cancer Foundation, cancer can take place in purebred as well as mixed breed dogs. In fact, breeds like Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Saint Bernard’s, Boston Terriers and Great Danes are at major risk of Pet Cancer. In this article, you will get answers to all the common FAQs related to Pet Cancer, especially Dog Cancer.



What is Dog Cancer?



It is very important to know what exactly a dog cancer means. Well, this is a kind of disease; in which some malignant cells out grow in number to harm the surrounding tissues. Cancer in dogs can be restricted to one part and can also spread throughout the body. It is also to be noted that cancer in pets like dogs is multi-factorial and it can be due to various reasons apart from the heredity reason.



What are the Signs to Detect Dog Cancer?



If your dog is very precious to you, then we recommend you to grasp full knowledge about the different signs to detect dog cancer. The most common symptom to catch the dog cancer in your buddy at home is unbearable odor or abnormal swelling. Apart from these, if your dog is losing rapid weight or appetite, then he might be suffering from cancer. Moreover, signs like non-healing sores, discharge or bleeding from ears or other body openings can be the symptoms for this disease in your pet dog. Breathing and eating difficulty, stiffness and frequent urinating are some signs to detect dog cancer.



How to Detect Dog Cancer at an Early Stage?



Your dog’s life can be saved if you detect cancer at an early stage. Experts believe that Canine Cancer in dogs can be treated through radiation, chemotherapy and hypnotherapy treatments. The best way to detect an early stage of your pet dog’s cancer is by checking his whole body to find any mass or lump and get it checked properly by a veterinarian at the earliest. It may not be cancer but you can’t leave a doubt about it without getting it checked at the early stage if you seriously wish to keep your dog safe.



How to Prevent Dog Cancer?



Remember that not all the dog cancers can be treated or prevented but that doesn’t mean there are no ways to prevent it at all. Some prevention methods include spraying dog antioxidants comprising of vitamin A, C and E on your veterinarian advice. Apart from it, you can provide your dog healthy and nutritious food and get him involved in regular exercises to make him stay fit and keep the cancer at bay. Moreover, you can get your pet dog sprayed with preventive medicines at a young age to prevent cancer. For more information visit here: CVS Angel Care